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Is There a Shortage of OSB for Window Boarding in the UK? OSB (oriented strand board) is arguably the most common material


Where & When? Head over to Travis Perkins in Haddington next Wednesday 9th June for free samples, free refreshments and free expert

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Is Hybrid Adhesive the New MVP of Sealants and Adhesives? One of the best things about hybrid adhesives is that because they

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Due to the high demand and our products and the MAXAM brand becoming a household name, we have taken the decision to

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The Global Silicone Sealant Supply Challenge With global construction markets booming despite the COVID-19 pandemic, raw material shortages are starting to negatively

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The evolution of silicone adhesive sealants over time When English chemist F.S Kipping introduced the word silicone in 1940, thesynthetic product appeared

With the easing of lockdown and major backlog of repairs, social housing landlords are facing the fresh challenge of meeting their obligations

What is Housing Disrepair?  Housing disrepair is when rented property is in need of repair so that it is safe for the

A rodent infestation can cause the spread of more than 35 diseases, can cause fires, electrical and structural damage to buildings. Here’s

This article is an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both bleach mould removal and organic mould removal.    Let’s dive straight in…