Prevent mould recurrence with this new ventilation unit


Many mould and damp cases in properties can be prevented from recurring by installing the correct ventilation.

Retrofitting this brand new PURA+ MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) will create fresh airflow in a property, which helps to greatly reduce risk of condensation, the number 1 cause of dangerous damp and mould.

Easy for anyone to install and maintain, and start saving energy and stop the mould growth in its tracks.

Here are some of the reasons to consider the PURA+ MVHR ventilation unit:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit – creates comfortable microclimate whilst exchanging the air in a property.
  • Extracts bad air out the property, and brings fresh air back in at comfortable temperature
  • Key step to preventing condensation and mould in properties
  • Remote controlled
  • Operates as both Extraction and Aeration unit with 5 different auto settings
  • Simple installation
  • Contains sophisticated ceramic filters to create perfect air temperature
MVHR Detail

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