Housing Disrepair Claims

What is Housing Disrepair?  Housing disrepair is when rented property is in need of repair so that it is safe for the tenants to live in. Your landlord is required by law to make sure:
  • That your house does not have damp and mould problems
  • That your heating is working
  • That any drains and gutters are working well
  • That you have safe access to gas, electricity and water
  • That your home does not have a vermin infestation
  • That you have working toilets, sinks and other washing facilities
  • That the structure of your house is in a good state
If you report an issue and your landlord fails to take action within a reasonable amount of time, then this could be considered housing disrepair.   Problems the Landlord is responsible for: 
  • Faulty Heating System- All tenants are entitled to a working heating system.
  • Leaking Roof- It is your landlords’ duty to make sure leaking roofs get repaired.
  • Plants growing on roof- This can cause damage and leaks in your roof.
  • Damp and Mould- This can be caused by broken gutters.
  • External Drains- If you have broken pipes this should be fixed by your landlord.
  • Rising damp- This can create issues with the plaster, flooring and skirting boards.
  • Hazardous stairs- Stairs with missing banisters, handrails or loose flooring is a major trip hazard that needs to be seen to.
  • Vermin Infestation- If you have a vermin infestation due to other housing disrepair or they were there when you moved in this is the Landlord’s responsibility.
  • Bad flooring- If your flooring presents a trip or slip hazard then this needs to be dealt with.
  • Damaged Brickwork- Repointing can be done to walls when necessary, such as when there are cracks letting water through.
  • Plumbing Problems- Any issues with leaks and plumbing should be seen to by your landlord.
  • Dampness- Damp caused by rotten window frames needs to be dealt with quickly as this could then lead to further problems such as mould.
  Problems the Tennant is responsible for: 
  • Replacing batteries, lightbulbs and HVAC filters.
  • Pest infestations- if this infestation is caused by your own uncleanliness, then it is not the Landlord’s responsibility.
  • Clogged Drains- it is your responsibility to sort out clogged drains if it is due to say, flushing foreign items down the toilet or putting wrong foods down the waste disposal. If your landlord does deal with these, they have to right to charge money for it.
  • Damage done to the property by you or family members or guests or pets is your responsibility to deal with.
  • Damaged walls caused by tenants- if the wall has holes due to you putting up shelves it is your responsibility to get it fixed.
  • Appliances that aren’t working- this often is the landlord’s responsibility although if they aren’t working due to you misusing them then it is now your problem to deal with.
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