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The #1 proven & trusted solution for effectively dealing with broken glass in an emergency.

Be it vandalism or a genuine accident, smashed windows are a hassle.

Not least to leading train operators which is why they rely on Maxam175 to ensure damage to windows does not put passenger safety at risk or cause further delays, and means trains can keep running, saving thousands of pounds per hour.

Fix broken windows in seconds

Carrying our easy to apply emergency window film on board the trains allows staff to have a quick solution in the event of any damage caused to glass, minimising disruption to journeys and preventing any further damage.

All for the modest cost of a roll of Maxam175.

The original and best. Maxam was tested by our train operators against other window repair films but came out streets ahead of the rest, thanks to our thick non-stretching film and ultra strong adhesive with activators meaning that the grip only tightens as time goes by. One of the tests included using our film on a smashed train window then passing it through a carriage washing facility repeatedly. Maxam 175 remained firmly intact throughout the rigorous brushing and high pressure water jets. Unsurprisingly, it has been awarded top impact resistance standard BS12600 1B1.

With MAXAM175 you have the peace of mind knowing you can make safe a broken window in seconds.