Products That Get It Right First Time

We supply market-leading products to tackle even the greatest pains faced by tradesmen + maintenance repairs operatives today. 

We’re 110% focused on:

  • Increasing the performance of your building + repair work 
  • Making it as easy as possible to reduce time spent on the job
  • Maximising your productivity
  • Tradesmen never go back to face poor workmanship


Amazing new sealant + adhesive that does the job of countless others. 

The Only Tube You Need. It works everywhere, on everything, in every way.

See it work underwater, stop a major leak, and immediately grab 7.2kgs

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The Number 1 Glass Repair Solution. 

Trusted by even the leaders in Social Housing and Local Authorities day in, day out, for over 35 years. Quiet, fast and easy, especially for responsive repairs operatives – no need to board up windows at 3am ever again.

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Powerful yet incredibly safe non-bleach, eco-friendly Mould Remover Kit is all you need for black mould treatment that kills down to the roots.

Read more on why it’s so special.

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Protect from sun, Prying eyes, or intruders with easy-to-apply high performance window films.

Avoid the need for expensive air conditioning install. 

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Our Guarantee

If you’re not seriously impressed with the way our products significantly enhance your services and resources, whilst greatly reducing your stress – then you don’t owe us a penny!