Drainmax- drain unblocking with ease.

“So easy to use, with no chemical smell , and no expensive plumber needed! I won’t use anything else now.”

Thermo-Reactive Formulation to clear blocked and slow running drains

After using this drain unblocking product, Drainmax, Jane will use no other product for clearing drains than this. She explains that her bath and sink drains would often block up. She would waste money on supermarket products trying to find a solution, only to realise that didn’t do what it said on the bottle.
Then, she tried Drainmax and states that “it’s absolutely fantastic!”

Let’s find out why it works so well…

Drainmax is a Thermo-Reactive Formulation to clear blocked and slow running drains

These dissolving granules for blocked drains save you drain damage. Say goodbye to jetting, using rods and expensive call out fees, Drainmax is the ultimate drain unblocking solution.

Activated by hot water, this specialised compound seeks out and eradicates grease, oil, fat, hair, scum and slime impeding water flow in drainage systems.


What are its key benefits?:
  • It clears blocked drains quickly
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It prevents slow running drains
  • It’s safer to use than dangerous acids
  • It saves time and money
  • It eliminates bad smells and health hazards
  • It creates a fresh environment with a pleasant lemon fragrance.
  • It can also be applied frequently, in small amounts, to prevent build up and keep drains flowing
Key applications
  • Sodium hydroxide granules for safer use
  • Dissolves organic waste
  • Suitable for all pipes

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How to use Drainmax


  1. Ensure adequate ventilation
  2. Remove excess water from drain area
  3. Apply sparingly starting with one capful and sprinkle into blocked drain
  4. Flush well with warm water
  5. If necessary repeat procedure until blockage is removed


Get in touch with Maxam on web@maxam.co.uk or ring 0131 442 4343 to learn more about this product and request a sample.