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Pura+ 7 Day Protective Barrier

  • Is this product tested against Covid-19?
    • Nobody can yet claim a product will kill COVID-19, as there simply isn’t a test against this exact disease. However, EN 14476 proves effectiveness against COVID-19, as it uses SARS-CoV-2 as a surrogate for COVID-19. Pura+ is tested to EN 14476 with a Log4 reduction against this virus strain.
  • Who has carried out the testing for EN14476?
    • We have a test report from the AFBI (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute)
  • What are the main benefits of not containing Alcohol?
    • Products with alcohol content are not flammable. The fire risk of spraying rooms in an alcoholic substance is huge, therefore we have an entirely safe non-flammable substance with Pura+
    • Due to its non-alcoholic properties, this product is food safe, hospital grade and Halal friendly.
  • Can you send me the COSHH data?
    • Sure! Drop us a line on 0131 442 4343 or email info@maxam.co.uk for this.
  • How much will it reduce germs by?
    • 99.9999%, which means out of 1,000,000 colony forming units (CFUs), only 1 remains after treatment. We have test evidence to prove a Log6 reduction.
  • Have you tested for rub cycles?
    • Yes, this has been tested for 5000 hand rub cycles.
  • Why do you state ‘up to 7 days’?
    • The residual protective barrier will be effective for a minimum of 7 days if you leave a surface untouched, however if the surface receives high amounts of abrasion from hard materials such as chairs and tables constantly, we recommend a ‘top-up’ of protection each day.
  • I’m using this for a school, if we sanitise on Monday mornings how do we clean surfaces in between?
    • We recommend wetting a cloth with Pura+ and using this to clean surfaces at the end of the day if you have a lot of dirt to clean each day.
  • Are there discounts for bulk quantities?
    • Yes there are – contact us on 0131 442 4343 to find out more!
  • Will wiping the surface down after application weaken the protective barrier?
    • Yes, if you introduce another cleaning agent onto the surface this will dilute the surface protection. We recommend spraying a cloth wet with Pura+, then wiping the surface clean.
  • How should I apply this?
    • We strongly recommend spraying on your surface and leaving to dry, as this will form the best protective barrier layer.
  • Does Pura+ work with foggers and electrostatic sprayers?
    • Yes, Pura+ has successfully been used in these devices, as small droplets are easily achieved with our solution. Need a sprayer? Let us know!
  • What’s the drying time?
    • If you spray and leave to dry, approximately 15 minutes.
  • What do I do to speed up the drying time?
    • We can suggest you use a microfibre cloth, spray it wet with Pura+, spray the desk then wipe it down. You want to avoid taking any of the surface barrier off.
  • What surface area does Pura+ cover?
    • One 1L bottle of Pura+ will cover 40 square metres.
  • What does it smell like?
    • There is no discernible smell on Pura+, as we wanted to keep our formula as clean as possible.
  • I’m using this on my sanitaryware, how do I keep the shine on this?
    • To avoid causing a mottling/streaky effect, you will achieve best results by spraying the actual cloth with Pura+ then applying it to taps etc.
  • Are these available ex-stock?
    • Yes, normally we keep plenty in stock for your needs.
  • What container options are there?
    • You can purchase Pura+ in 1L Trigger Spray bottles, 5L Jerry Cans, or 1000L IBCs.
  • Does my surface need to be cleaned first?
    • Ideally, yes. Imagine it as though you are treating a carpet with Scotchgard!

Maxam175 Window Repair Film

  • Why is it called 175?
    • Maxam175 is 175 microns thick, however that’s just the thickness of the actual high-grade polyester. If you add the adhesive, its well over 200

    What width is this roll?

    • 1.020m – we now offer a 12% wider roll than we used to!
  • Can I buy different lengths of this?
    • Yes, we offer 3, 6, 10 and 15 metre length options.
  • Can it be used on wet or dirty glass?
    • Maxam175 has a high-grab, solvent based adhesive that is very grippy and will stick well to most glass surfaces even when wet. However, if the panes are excessively wet, greasy or dirty – simply apply to the cleaner/drier surface or give a quick wipe/dry down first.
  • What if the glass has an uneven surface?
    • Because Maxam175 is not rigid it can normally be applied successfully to most undulating types of glazing. However, if it is heavily embossed, adhere Maxam175 to the other, smoother side.
  • What if I have a large hole and there is not much glass left, will this not be a security risk?
    • Because Maxam175 is 1/3 the tensile strength of steel it will immediately secure any loose pieces around the edge in its grip. Even if there is only around 100mm of glass remaining it can still effect a very safe, stable repair that is very resistant to impact.
  • And if there is no glass left in the frame?
    • Then you will need to look to another method of short term repair or re-glaze immediately. Unless you can bridge Maxam175 across neighbouring panes.

Pura+ Mould Treatment Kit

  • What makes Pura+ Mould different to a bleach-based kit?
    • First things first, Pura+ Mould is non-toxic, and non-hazardous. With bleach, you have the added hassle of dealing with another hazard, which, interestingly enough is classified as Hazard no.5 on the identified HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) in the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018.
    • Another aspect is the actual microscopic performance. Bleaching the mould will give the appearance of having being treated, but will not kill back to the roots, and in most cases the mould will grow back stronger than before! Our Solution offers deep mould treatment, plus an ongoing barrier protection.
  • Do you have to dispose of the product in any particular way?
    • No, because Pura+ Mould treatment kit is an organic formula designed to be totally safe
  • Can you send me COSHH data?
    • No problem, just email info@maxam.co.uk, or 0131 442 4343 to request this.
  • Do you need to wipe the area first with warm soapy water?
    • We don’t stipulate pre-washing with soapy water, but areas of intense mould growth might require a repeat of stage 1 Mould Treatment. Of course if the operative feels soapy water is required it wouldn’t be a problem as our kit is already diluted and non-toxic.
  • Do you have to let the product dry before wiping down the area?
    • Yes. This will take around 15 minutes but can be sped up by a hot air dryer.
  • Can we get a free trial kit to see how well it works in our applications?
    • Yes, you can. We would love to see how it improves the way you work!
  • We have 10 or so repair operatives in our team. Can you visit or arrange a Zoom and give them training?
    • Absolutely, it’s our privilege to help in this way, to understand the detail behind the key advantages of this product.
  • How does Pura+ Mould work?
    • First, make the area safe by treating with our Anti-microbial surface barrier, then spray the affected surface with our mould treatment product, rub in a circular motion with the medium stiff brush provided, and wait to dry. This process can be sped up by using a hot air dryer if needed. Then when dry, remove the powder-like substance with the microfibre cloth provided. The surface can then be treated with our anti-microbial barrier that will continue killing fungi, algae and mould for months.
  • What should I do to make sure there’s no residual staining from a bad mould area?
    • If you’ve got a very hard to remove staining, we can offer something extra for treating this, please get in touch about this on 0131 442 4343.

Maxam Service, Delivery and Added Value

  • Is it really true I get chocolates with my order?
    • Yes! If we stopped doing this, we wouldn’t feel so connected with the hearts of our customers!!  P.s. If we get to know you well enough, we’ll make sure to provide your very favourites!
  • What delivery times to you offer?
    • We offer a next-day delivery for stock items that are ordered before 3pm.
  • What do I do if I need technical advice?
    • Be free to give us a call on 0131 442 4343 and one of our team will be more than happy to talk about any queries you have, as we pride ourselves on improving the way you work.
  • Are you on Social Media?
    • Yes, You can find us on Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/maxam-direct , YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ivOBlSjwFipwAUF0viV8A and Facebook www.facebook.com/maxamwindowfilms .