Urgently need to kill all mould properly, down to the roots, rather than just mask over it?

Whilst avoiding health & safety hazards to tenants and operatives?

And get the job done in record time rather than days, with no come-back?

Sound too good to be true? Just watch this:

N.B. 1 Kit covers up to 40 sq m area. For best results, spray affected area plus 1m around it.

Now over 100 Housing Groups + Councils rely on PURA+ to:

mould shock
  • Quickly meet Standards Fit For Human Habitation
  • Relieve the pressure of legal disrepairs claims from mould
  • Provide an effective alternative to the dangers of bleach & toxic chemical based treatments
  • At Maxam, we make all this a reality for UK Landlords and invite you to experience the benefits too

All achieved with this 1 incredible kit

Each Kit contains:

  • 1ltr Part 1 Mould Remover
  • 1ltr Part 2 Barrier Spray
  • 2x Microfibre Cloths
  • 1x Medium stiff scrubbing brush

Also available in 5L Cartons


What others like you say about PURA+

Before during after photo

“this 2 step system was super easy to use on the mould that has built up in my home over 3 years. The first step treats the mould and encapsulates the spores. The second step is to protect and create a barrier on the surface to reduce the mould coming back. This is also eco friendly and non toxic which is great for not only my health but as well as my family.”

Repairs Team Leader – Curo

“Pura+ is a great product. We’ve been very impressed with the feedback we’ve been getting” 

Solihull Community Housing

“The best option appears to be the Maxam Pura + as it is the only one that does not have any ill health effects associated with it for general use” 

Health & Safety Section, Walsall Housing Group

“Previously we had the difficulty of removing people from properties due to materials used being a hazard to their health. But Pura+ Mould Treatment has no smell at all – brilliant stuff!” 

Chris – Mould Removal Company

“We keep going back to check – and the mould just isn’t coming back.” 

Repairs Contractor, Guernsey

“This stuff is very good. After you scrub the mould and leave it for an hour it literally just wiped away with the cloth they gave me which was great.” 

Hannah – Building Supplies Contractor

PURA+ Mould is Trusted + Relied Upon by:

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...and many more

Let's Get Started

  • Kill and remove mould properly at source rather than mask over with bleach giving it a good appearance
  • Protect your tenants and operatives with the most effective/least harmful product available
  • With 1 kit sufficient for up to 40 sq metres, save valuable resources with what is probably the best value for money
  • Get peace of mind with an advanced, anti-microbial, residual barrier that remains active long after it’s dried
  • Only with PURA+
Fully coded and stocked for Social Housing by: