White Silicone Supply Issues in UK – Alternative Option to Consider

The Global Silicone Sealant Supply Challenge

With global construction markets booming despite the COVID-19 pandemic, raw material shortages are starting to negatively influence product supply, including silicone sealants.

In March 2021, a well-known construction sector market research group in Europe, Construction Market Experts, published a blog mentioning that the pandemic has caused global shortages of Siloxanes, which is a key base component in the manufacturing of silicones.

This month, May 2021, we have got market feedback from major construction retailers and builders’ merchants that there is an ongoing and worsening shortage of silicones, and in particular, white silicone in The UK.

White Silicone in Use on a Sink
DURA grouped fan 1

A Solution to the Silicone Supply Shortage

Maxam have for years been providing solutions to challenges in the construction market and this continues to be the case with the newest addition to our range of products.

Dura+ Hybrid Polymer Sealant has been launched in early 2021 as Maxam’s answer to overpriced hybrid sealants on the market and as a solution that will reduce the reliance on silicones by providing a superior product.

Not only does Dura+ far exceed the properties and performance of silicone, but it can also be used as caulking as it is paintable and will not crack after setting.

Why carry around 4 tubes instead of one? Many construction workers use 4 different tubes of sealant or adhesive. A tube of caulk, a tube of adhesive (Gripfill or similar), a tube of silicone and a tube of glue (Unibond No More Nails or similar).

With Dura+, the advantages and savings are massive for everyday users of adhesives and sealant. Not only from the convenience of having your tool belt lightened from 4 tubes to 1, but also from a cost perspective.

Cost Comparison Between DURA+, Silicone and Conventional Products

Cost Comparison Graph For Silicone vs Hybrid Adhesive

DURA+ - The Obvious Alternative to Silicone

As is evidenced here, one tube of Hybrid Dura+ Adhesive Sealant replacing all 4 separate tubes would save more than £3 per tube or 23.29%. When extrapolated to commercial use quantities, this becomes a major saving.

The other point to be considered is that many times, due to only a small quantity needed of one particular type or colour of caulk, glue or silicone, a high amount of wastage occurs.

With Dura+ the ‘type’ variable is removed only leaving colour as the variable which could reduce your wastage and overall costs by a large amount across multiple projects.

With 5 popular and versatile colours to choose from, Dura+ is the obvious choice to reduce your costs and your environmental impact via reduction of wastage. Dura+ is available in White, Clear, Black, Brown, and Grey.

Our Conclusion

So, we don’t think that the rumours, or reality, of a white silicone shortage (or any silicone shortage) should be a concern. It is rather an opportunity to challenge the status quo of adhesive and sealant usage and find opportunities for cost savings, environmental impact reduction, and freeing up of stock storage space.

If you are interested in these savings, a Maxam team member would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and get you set up with a supply of Dura+.

Please contact us on the form below, via email at sales@maxam.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 0922 923.

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