Maxam Products Now Available on Amazon!

Due to the high demand and our products and the MAXAM brand becoming a household name, we have taken the decision to offer our innovative products for general use through the most popular online shopping platform: Amazon.Co.Uk!

Everyone can now use MAXAM products for DIY home repairs or even if you just prefer to shop from Amazon!

Maxam Amazon Shop Page

Our Product Range Available on Amazon

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Our flagship emergency glass window repair product that makes broken windows safe in seconds. Maxam 175 comes in 3 convenient sizes.

The newest innovation from MAXAM, DURA+ Hybrid Polymer All-In-One Adhesive & Sealant. Just as effective, strong, and flexible as the leading brands of hybrid polymer adhesives, but not as hot a price! Adhesive, Glue, Decorators Caulk and Silicone Sealant: All in one convenient tube with superior performance. Learn more about DURA+ Here and read the comparison here to popular brands!

With COVID-19 still a threat to society, we supply a range of anti-bacterial products which includes:

    • Anti-Microbial Surface Cleaner – This Non-Alcoholic, Non-Bleach, No Fragrance spray kills up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi and will last for up to 7 days on surfaces.
    • Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Gel – Tired of your hands drying out and cracking from using alcohol-based hand sanitisers? The PURA+ AF Hand Gel is your answer and will last up to 8 hours protecting you from germs.

All our emergency roofing repair and weatherproofing products are also available on Amazon for your convenience.

  • Maxam Jetseal – an instant waterproofing sealer in a 400ml aerosol for easy access to awkward areas and tight spots.
  • Maxam Wetseal – a trowel on roof and gutter repair compound that is instantly weatherproof and can be applied in all weather conditions.
  • Maxam Seek-N-Seal – The ultimate emergency roof leak repair solution. A unique formulation of microporous natural material which flows with the rain, to the location of the leak. As it flows, Seek-n-seal gradually swells up to 15 times its original size effectively sealing off the leak until a more permanent repair can be made.
  • Maxam Maxseal – Maxseal is a solvent based cold applied bituminous compound that acts as a very effective general purpose roof coating. Maxseal can be applied between -10c to +50c to Felt, Lead, Zinc, Asbestos, Cement, Concrete, Galvanised Steel and Iron.
  • Maxam Maxcrete – a high strength concrete repair compound that can be applied down to 0c and can be driven over in 2 hours for the least downtime in high traffic areas.

The Maxam Commitment

As we continue in our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative and cost saving products to the construction and property maintenance sectors we are glad to offer these products to all with the highest convenience.

If you have a charity that you like to support, be sure to login to smile.amazon.co.uk and choose your charity to automatically support as you purchase your Maxam Products!

Have a question or need help? Please feel free to email us at sales@maxam.co.uk or call us on 0800 0922 923.

Happy Shopping!