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How To Ensure Your Home Is Secure

The coronavirus lockdown has had everyone spending much more time at home, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about maintaining your home safety and security.

During the summer months, it’s likely that windows are open, doors left ajar, and the garden is full of high-value items left out in the sun. While there are many high-tech security solutions and deterrents, sometimes a physical barrier is the best way to deter thieves.


1. Reinforce the front door

74 per cent of burglaries happen when the thief gains access through the front door, so this is the place to begin any home security improvements.

The lock is the best place to start, so ensure that it conforms to British Standards BS 3621, which certifies that it stands up to a minimum level of performance. It is also recognised by insurers, should the worst happen.

Other ways to deter potential burglars is to fit a spy hole to the front door, as well as attaching a latch chain for an extra level of security.


2. Safeguard windows

Windows are another favoured entry point for intruders. Always ensure windows are closed and locked when you’re not in the room, and for added protection, consider installing cable window restrictors. They can be installed into the window frame, allowing the window to open, but only partially, letting you get some fresh air without leaving you open to intruders.

Safety and security window film adds an extra layer of protection, preventing the glass from being broken, either by accident or through malicious means.


3. Invest in a home security system

Just the knowledge that a house has a home security system can be enough to make burglars think twice about breaking in. If you install one with a CCTV system, make sure the cameras are directed towards potential targets, such as cars, garages, and sheds, or to capture weak spots around your home.

Smart doorbells are an economical alternative to a full security system. They record video of your driveway and anyone who approaches the front door, as well as connecting to your smartphone, wherever you are.


4. Garden watch

Criminals like to ‘case the joint’ before they decide to strike. They will assess the easiest points of entry, as well as track the daily comings and goings of the house owners. An overgrown garden is the perfect place to camp out and watch your property.

Keep your garden tidy, and trim back any bushes or overgrown trees. Check from inside of your house which parts of your garden are not visible, where burglars could potentially hide.


5. Keep it locked up

Keep all your valuables, such as bicycles and garden tools locked away each night in the shed or garage. A standard bolt and hardened steel padlock are difficult to break into, but if you want extra protection, then a deadlock or a smart lock – which requires a corresponding fob or up to a 20-digit code to open – will offer greater peace of mind.

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