Top 5 Easter DIY jobs for the family

Being stuck indoors, for any reason can soon have the whole family climbing the walls, but finding some satisfying DIY jobs that the family can all lend a hand with is a great way to bring everyone together and be done with the lockdown boredom and frustration, and keep the kids occupied!

A lick of paint

A perfect job for the family is painting. While there’s plenty of time on your hands, painting the house can refresh each room, and it can be done quite cheaply, for the price of some paint and brushes.


Squeaky hinges might sound like a small job, but it’s an often neglected one, and perfect to tackle during the lockdown. No matter whether it’s a door to the house or a cupboard, a spot of WD-40 can remedy them. But for a bigger DIY lockdown project, try replacing old hinges with new.


While replacing a whole floor is usually best left to the experts, squeaky floorboards can be cost-effectively tackled by sprinkling talcum powder, soapstone powder, or powdered graphite within the gaps between the boards.

Update your furniture

Refreshing old furniture only requires sandpaper, paint, and a bit of elbow grease. Sand down tired wooden furniture, and give them a fresh coat of paint to suit the colour scheme of your home.

Tackle the garden

Another springtime necessity after months of neglect over the winter, the garden is a great place to start your lockdown DIY while also getting out of the house and getting some fresh air.

Tackling these jobs around the home can give a real sense of achievement as well as some mental stimulation. Of course, it’s not advised that you attempt any jobs that need professional work such as electrics or gas, amongst other things.

While it may be tempting, the NHS is under enough strain without us filling waiting rooms due to DIY blunders and so if you feel a job is too dangerous or difficult, it’s well worth waiting until normality returns and you can get a skilled tradesperson in to do the job.

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