Keeping Your WFH Space Safe And Hygienic

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic saw a dramatic shift as the UK’s workforce suddenly found themselves working from home. While some people may have created a dedicated home office to work from, many workers’ improvised home workspaces fall short of ideal.

With the country entering a second national lockdown, those who have been working from home will undoubtedly be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future, and it’s time for those who found themselves working from the kitchen table, sofa, and even in bed to up their WFH setup game.

It is said that Churchill used to work from his bed in his pyjamas, and John Lennon tried to change the world from between the sheets, working from your laptop on the sofa or from the bed is detrimental to your health.


How do I set up my home workspace?

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common work-related injury, and proper ergonomic setup has been shown to reduce common ailments such as muscle strains, lower back pain, and tendonitis, as well as decreasing fatigue and enhancing productivity.

If you do not have access or room for a dedicated work desk, then a flat surface is essential, and a proper ergonomic chair is a must.

Fresh air and natural light are important, as is considering your posture while working.

The UK Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors suggests several ways that employees set up their workspace and stay healthy while working from home.

It is important to take regular breaks and engage in physical movement to help your physical and mental wellbeing. Keep hydrated and stretch regularly, and take a break to go for a walk outside instead of being sat for hours on end during endless Zoom meetings.


Keeping your home workspace hygienic

Our homes are a haven for microbes, and the typical work desk is home to over 10 million bacteria. Your monitor, keyboard, computer, mouse, office files, chair and personal items are all reservoirs for microbes, which are mainly deposited via our hands, skin and hair.

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s essential to ensure that you keep your WFH space clean and sanitised. If you do begin to feel ill, it is essential to seek medical assistance and take time off sick.

By soldiering on and battling through it, you will not only be spreading the germs over your workspace and home, but you will inevitably end up stressed from working while ill, weakening your immune system further.

Remember, good hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to reduce germ transmission.

Keep your work desk uncluttered and clean, and regularly wipe it down with ordinary detergent. To clean your keyboard, monitor and other equipment, first unplug them, then dust with a soft microfibre cloth before wiping with a moist alcohol or detergent wipe.

Do not eat at your desk, unless you want a side order of microbes with your sandwich. Wipe and disinfect your phone regularly, as it hosts all sorts of pathogens, potentially including faecal material. Resist the urge to take your phone into the bathroom, especially if you enjoy scrolling during your lunch!

A safe and hygienic work environment in the home is essential to maximise the benefits and to reduce the risk of injury and illness

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