How To Plan Your Home Improvements

The lockdown has had everyone gazing at the same four walls for what feels like an eternity, so the chances are that you’ve got a mental list of home improvements you’d like to achieve to improve your home and living space.

Some people have the advantage of already possessing the necessary DIY skills, while the rest of us frantically searching for YouTube tutorials on how to renovate the kitchen counters. Either way, you’re far from alone in taking on DIY home improvement tasks.

Home improvement website Houzz surveyed 1,000 people that revealed 80 per cent of respondents have thought about making significant changes to their homes.

Whatever your skill level, while it might appear to be the perfect time to launch into a new project, it’s worth considering planing your DIY task, and if you have the budget for it.


Proper Planning

Whether you’re desiring a new kitchen, transform your garden, or paint a room, start by knowing just what you want to accomplish, and then develop a plan of action.

When planning, it’s good to be aware of what jobs you can handle, and which ones fall out of your skillset. It’s also best to figure out what jobs may be easier or better done during the summer months. For example, if you’re wishing to install a new bathroom, paint the exterior of the house, and landscape the garden, it’s easier to start with the garden while the weather is suitable.

It’s maybe an idea to hold off on larger interior jobs for a later date. The bathroom would make a much better winter project, and maybe a professional can paint the house faster and better than you can.

Any jobs that need wiring or plumbing are best left to professional plumbers and electricians, for your own safety, and that of others in your household.


Do Your Research

It’s exciting to plan out a remodelling project, but the difficulty can lie in working out just exactly how to get it done.

If you’re unfamiliar with the task at hand, make sure you watch as many videos on how to attempt it as you can. Watch videos from multiple reputable sources, such as on DIY retailers websites, or places like Apartment Therapy. YouTube has endless hours of DIY tutorials, but some of quite questionable quality.

Set Your Project Budget

Okay, so you know what you want, and you know how to get it done, but do the sums all add up, and can you afford it?

It’s essential to know exactly how much the cost of the project will be so you can figure out your budget and compare that to the expendable income you have. Always add 15 per cent more to the budget, as you never know what might happen, and then you’re covered for any accidents and extra materials.

Installing solar reflective glass film is a simple and straight forward job for any skill set, while also transforming the light that enters a room, so why not start with this easy task?