Preparing Yourself For A Return To The Office

The continuing coronavirus crisis means that many people will be working from home for the foreseeable future, but it may be necessary for some to return to the office either part-time or full-time. After so long away, it is bound to bring up some anxiety around hygiene and safety.

While companies are taking measures to ensure hygiene standards and COVID-secure precautions are in place, the thought of returning to old routines and job pressures can be daunting to anyone.

We have a look at some tips for how to make the transition back to the office a little easier.

  1. Get back into a routine

Even the most organised of people will have seen their routines thrown into disarray over the past few months, and the idea of getting back into the daily grind and routine can be an unsettling thought.

The key to dealing with this is to begin building up your routine ahead of time so that your first day back isn’t so much of a shock to the system.

Before your return to the office start date, set your alarm for the time you would usually be getting up for work, and start getting used to the early mornings again. Prepare your clothing for the next day the night before, even if for the moment that is still your WFH loungewear, and even prepare lunches for the next day to prepare your mind for ‘work mode’.

  1. Avoid burning yourself out in the first week

Avoid throwing yourself into work by filling up your diary with meetings. Make sure you allow yourself an adjustment period and schedule in some breaks to give yourself a rest and recharge.

Likely, your work colleagues and yourself are all out of the office work habits, so go slowly and gently, and remember to be kind to yourself.

  1. Reflect on the positives

Life during lockdown provided many of us with the chance to live a slightly simpler life for a few months, so the return to office life can be a bit of a culture shock.

Make the transition a little easier by embracing the time off you’ve had, and focus on the positives that came with it, such as more quality time with the family, new skills you may have picked up, or even finally finishing that Netflix boxset everyone had insisted you watch.

Make a list of all the things you have enjoyed and place it where you can see them, and don’t forget them just because your routine is returning to normal.

  1. Ask about safety measures

Before you return to the office, it might be an idea to speak to your manager or boss about what safety measures have been implemented to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Familiarise yourself with the changes to the office environment and the new rules and guidelines in place to help reduce any anxiety.

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