Bleach Mould Remover vs. Organic Mould Remover: What is best?

This article is an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both bleach mould removal and organic mould removal.

   Let’s dive straight in…

   Pros of a bleach mould remover:

  • It is relatively inexpensive and is available almost anywhere
  • It is good at taking the colour of the mould away
  • It can be applied easily to surfaces such as porcelain and tiles
  • Bleach may help get rid of any smells of the mould

   Cons of a bleach mould remover:

  • Bleach only kills surface mould
  • Bleach is a corrosive and can cause issues such as respiratory distress, eye irritation and burns. If combined with other common cleaning substances such as ammonia, they can react to each other creating a toxic gas
  • Chlorine bleach is not registered as an effective disinfectant to kill growing mould with the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Bleach can create the illusion that it has eradicated the mould when in actuality it has only bleached the colour of it
  • Bleach only works on non-porous surfaces
  • Bleach does not work on porous surfaces such as wood as it cannot reach the roots
  • Bleach can damage your skin
  • If you inhale chlorine gas it can cause awful health effects such as chest pain, breathing problems, fluid in the lungs, pneumonia and vomiting.

   Pros of an organic mould remover:

  • No negative health effects
  • Is safe to be used by anyone
  • Non-toxic, organic and green and has no biocides
  • Works on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Rips the mould out by the roots

   Cons of an organic mould remover:

  • Does not bleach (discolour) the mould
  • May not remove heavy staining
  • You may have to scrub the affected area as it is not a spray and leave product
  • May be a two-part process to completely kill the mould.

   As you can see both types of mould removing products have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

  That means that, by now, you probably have a pretty good feel for things.

   So, the question is, based on what you have read, do you feel that an organic mould removing product is the best option for you?

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