How to prevent and deal with rodent infestation.

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A rodent infestation can cause the spread of more than 35 diseases, can cause fires, electrical and structural damage to buildings.

Here’s how to tell whether you may have a problem with rodent infestation:

Droppings- If you come across mice or rat droppings you will need to deal with this carefully as the faeces can contain harmful viruses and bacteria.

Gnaw Marks- another thing to look for is chewed wires or objects.

Scuffling noises- if you hear scratching or the sound of something pattering around in the walls then it could be rodents.

Nests- rodents tend to build their nests in a dark place. They often use paper, cotton and other fabrics to build their nests, if you find these sorts of materials scattered or moved around then it’s a sign there may be a nest nearby.

Mice and Rats- if you spot a rodent then it’s likely that there are a dozen others. Both mice and rats can breed rapidly so the sooner you get help about this issue the better.

How rats can get in your building.

Read below on just some of the ways that vermin could be entering your building.


Cracks in walls

Rats can fit through any tiny space down to the size of a ten pence coin. Check your building for any cracks as vermin can easily fit through these.

Holes in the roof

It is a wise idea to get your roof checked for any holes, and get them fixed as vermin could easily enter, chew some wires and cause endless damage.

Gaps around window

Make sure you seal any openings and check windows for holes. Any broken windows should be repaired.

Through the toilet

Rats are great at swimming; this means that they will follow along a pipe and get to the opening. It’s always a good idea to keep the toilet lid closed so that it is harder for vermin to get out.

Through vents

Many vents have gaps that are large enough for rats to squeeze through. Be sure to seal around all vents and cover them with metal screening.

Quick tips to prevent rodents:

  • Repair any damages that could give entry to rodents.
  • Make sure any garbage from the site is disposed of on a regular basis and any food is safely stored in airtight containers.
  • Keep all rooms including basements and unused places well ventilated and dry.
  • Fix leaking pipes and any clogged drains.

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